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How Bipolar Disorder Affects The Lives Of Those With It

Bipolar disorder is a difficult topic for myself. I have an aunt and an uncle that have bipolar disorder. My uncle committed suicide in 2010. On the other hand I feel that it is important to research and learn about this topic because it is something that I have a different perspective than those who have never had this personally affect their lives, and that can be helpful in treating those suffering from the disorder and also their family members. I knew that bipolar disorder could be diagnosed from a young age, however, I was not aware that early onset could mean a more severe psychosocial impairment or more difficulties with interpersonal relationships. 4I loved that both of these articles were about studies that were more client centered. They were not about the best treatment, medication, or statistics on prevalence. It is about how bipolar disorder affects the lives of those with it. We all have a personal identity that is shaped through what we have learned and the experience s we have had. The article by Maree (2008) described identity as, the framework from which individuals interact with the world. It enables a sense of continuity and agency with a capacity to commit to certain roles and self- representation that are self-defining. I read this sentence and thought about how bipolar disorder can take over someone s life. It is an all-encompassing disorder. The short video about rapid cycling and bipolarity, the narrator said that he is just a person likeShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1700 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Bipolar disorders, also known as manic depression, are mental disorders characterized by shifting moods between depression and mania (Bressert, 2016). Those with a bipolar disorder, have extreme emotional states called mood periods. In the United States, more than 10 million people have bipolar disorder (Kennedy, 2015). It is lifelong, but can be treated. Although it can easily be treated, once patients choose to stop taking their medication their symptoms worsen. Around 15 percentRead MoreAbstract. Effects Of Bipolar Can Be Far-Reaching, Both1413 Words   |  6 PagesEffects of bipolar can be far-reaching, both into the lives of patients and those around them. Bipolar affects work, school, relationships, physical health and many other aspects of everyday life. The most severe effect of bipolar disorder is suicide. Unfortunately, 25% - 50% of people with bipolar disorder attempt suicide and 11% commit suicide. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness known as a mood disorder. In mood disorders, the patient suffers from severe emotional states. In bipolar disorder, the patientRead MoreMental Illness : A Mental Disorder1463 Words   |  6 Pagesbehavioral disorder. This means that around 510,600,000 people suffered from some form of mental or behavioral disorder in 2010 alone. Now, with all this information we must first ask, what is a mental illness? The definition given by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, or NAMI, states that â€Å"A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis.† Many psychological disorders are developedRead MoreBipolar Disorder And Mental Illness1497 Words   |  6 PagesThis disorder where a persons’ mood changes without any triggering event is called Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a disorder where the affected person experiences periods of mania alternating with periods of depression, usually interspersed with relatively long intervals of normal mood. ( Mania is a mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and over activity. Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. It is a disorder thatRead MoreBenefits And Concerns Of Predictive Genetic Testing998 Words   |  4 PagesSeveral studies have been performed using these new methods to test for bipolar disorder, specifically in those who have a family history of the disorder. In this paper, I will highlight the benefits and concerns of predictive genetic testing, discuss how it will affect society, and argue that those with a family history of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder should have predictive genetic testing so that, if necessary, the disorder can be treated early and prevent any adverse effects. Opposing StanceRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder1125 Words   |  5 Pageswith several mental disorders. The major diagnosis would be bipolar disorder. She also suffers from borderline personality disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety. The American Psychiatric Association s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder defines bipolar disorder as a recurrent mood disorder that includes periods of mania or mixed episodes of mania and depression (Murphy, 2012, p. 44-50). It was previously known as manic depressive disorder. It is most commonRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1642 Words   |  7 Pagesrealize that few emotions can affect their lives. Bipolar disorder is a serious illness that causes the brain to shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels like excited for new change and became emotional suddenly. Most people think it is normal to have the moods, but they are different that everybody is having hard time to control it. Imagine a man who been together with his wife for 40 years and she suddenly died which it is part of the life because no one can live forever. He must feeling sadnessRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1278 Words   |  6 Pages1 HelenKeller541 Physiology October 26, 2016 Abstract: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder; also referred to as manic depressive disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V, 2013). Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder with manic episodes, it is placed between the chapters on schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders in recognition of their place as a bridge between the two diagnostics in terms of symptomology, family historyRead MoreThe Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disease758 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Bipolar disease is a very odd disorder affecting many people. This paper will describe what bipolar disease is, the signs and symptoms of this disease, and who it affects. It will also inform you of the causes of bipolar disease and how to diagnose and treat it. Description Bipolar disease, previously called manic-depressive illness, is a disorder in the brain characterized by extreme variations in mood, energy, and activity levels. Patients with bipolar disease find it strenuous completingRead MoreBipolar Disorder And Its Effects On Children1247 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness is a brain disorder that can affect one’s mood and ability to complete tasks. Bipolar disorder in children is under studied for many reasons. These include, lack of awareness and the difference in the disease seen in adults and children that can make it difficult to continue studies. Bipolar disorder has not been well studied despite harmful effects on growth and development in a child. As the child grows up, bipolar disorder may

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Macbeth and Young Girl - 1441 Words

To what extent do you agree that, in gothic writing, fear and pain are sources of pleasure? Fear and pain are sources of pleasure that Shelley in ‘Frankenstein’ employs, especially within the character of Victor. The painful description of the monstrous birth is one example of this- having the element of disturbance to shock the reader, yet to Victor (the creator) his response is pleasure and he seems to enjoy the terrifying sounds made of the birth; ‘’I might infuse a spark†¦ into the lifeless thing’’, Here Shelley emphasises the gothic by playing with the dead and ‘infusing’ life- making the dead a scientific experiment for Victor to ‘play’ with. Shelley also reinforces the idea of fear and pain being a pleasure to Victor by the way he†¦show more content†¦Pleasure received from fear and pain are a main focus within Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’ collection; especially within the opening with the character of the Marquis- who enjoys inflicting pain and fear into his wives, both physically and physiologically- it is apparent that he does this not only on the current heroine but the other wives he has had due to the ‘’pool of blood’’ and the secret chamber in which is keeps the corpses of his ex-wives. However, it is through the events that happen to the heroine in opening of the bloody chamber that the reader gets the impression a similar situation has happened with his ex-wives- it becomes clear to the reader that once the heroine reaches sexual maturity that the Marquis feels as though he has to empower the female through the act of fearing him and causing pain in which he finds most pleasurable- this is evident when he describes ‘’the act of love as the act of torture’’- to the reader this seems fearful and we can imagine the act to be painful due to the connotations that can be taken from ‘’torture’. However- Carter employs a different approach from the young girl’s naà ¯ve nature, emphasising the dark nature of the gothic. It appears that she seems to gain a source of pleasure from being his seemingly ‘prey’: ‘’tender, delicious, ecstasy of excitement’’. Yet, Carter in her story shows a development ofShow MoreRelatedMacbeth Human Nature Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagestimeless, and still very much alive today. Two of the richest ideas explored by Shakespeare in his play Macbeth revolve around the differing versions of reality and the pursuit of ambition through manipulation. These ideas are examined though the purposeful characterisation of the witches, King Duncan and Lady Macbeth. These themes are also highlighted in contemporary texts such as Mark Waters Mean Girls, Are you living an Insta lie? and Cameron Russel’s TED Talk Looks Aren’t Everything, which demonstratesRead MoreThe Theme Of Emotions In The Canterbury Tales1027 Words   |  5 Pagescaught and charged with the rape of an innocent girl. The queen is granted power of his punishment, she chose to instead give him a simple question to answer; yet you shall live if you can answer me: what is the thing women most desire? (Chaucer line 80). This quote shows sig nificance because, in this time period it was considered extremely unholy to be touched by the opposite sex without marriage. Since the knight forced himself onto the young girl, he was greedy enough to take the one thing awayRead MoreBook Thief Macbeth Comparison1656 Words   |  7 PagesMacbeth amp; The Book Thief: A Comparison between Ambition present in the Novels In comparing Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Zusak’s Book Thief, though the books deal with different time eras, characters and even language styles, there are some striking similarities between the themes in both novels. The themes are evident throughout both novels, these themes give a better understanding of the author’s message he wants to portray to his audience. Both books show ambition effectively in many situationsRead Moreâ€Å"Virginitie, Mariage And Widowhood† (Mainer). Stage One:1309 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Virginitie, Mariage and Widowhood† (MAINER). Stage one: A girl child is controlled by her father and other male figures around her. She grows up to be a young woman, a virgin, a prospective bride. Stage two: Marriage— decided again by powerful men around her. She has no freedom to choose her soul partner. No precedence for love or compatibility. This is the stage the submissive woman spends most of her life; her duty is to f ulfill her dominant husband’s every wish and demand. She is entrusted toRead MoreFar On The Sands : A Shakespearean Sonnets1536 Words   |  7 Pagesrhyme scheme for the ending of DEFDFE. Over the course of the poem, the tone changes from quietly appreciative to reverent of nature and the focus switches from admiration of the view and its divinity to an appreciation of that same divinity in a young girl by Wordsworth’s side. Wordsworth shifts from â€Å"It is a beauteous evening, calm and free,† to â€Å"Thy nature is not therefore less divine:† (ll. 1, 11). This shift in tone and focus after the first octave is emphasized by the unpredictable rhyme schemeRead MoreThemes Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde And Macbeth1322 Words   |  6 Pageseverything is as bad as too little† (Ferber). The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Stevenson and Macbeth by William Shakespeare both illustrate this idea. In Stevenson’s novel, a scientist named He nry Jekyll experiments with the phenomenon of separating one’s dual nature, which unfortunately kills him because he is not able to take control of his evil side. In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, a Scottish general, is consumed by the desire to become king and kills many people to achieve his goalRead MoreVladimir Nabokovs Lolita Essay1368 Words   |  6 Pagesand sexually involved with, as a predator and himself the victim of seduction. This degradation of an innocent child causes anger in critics because in the mindset of most Americans, an older man has more power and sexual drive than a twelve-year old girl. In his blaming of Dolores as the one who initiated sex between the two, Humbert is giving other pedophiles and child molesters a justification to blame innocent children for their evil. Mathew Bruccoli, when commenting on Humbert’s characterizationRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Macbeth 1492 Words   |  6 PagesFor my essay four I decided to read †Å"Macbeth† by William Shakespeare. The first time I read it, I kind of understood what it was about, but didn’t really understand it that well. So after doing some research about William Shakespeare and â€Å"Macbeth,† I re-read â€Å"Macbeth,† as well as watched the movie. After this I wondered what William Shakespeare was trying to portray by writing â€Å"Macbeth†. At first I thought that he was trying to present the audience with an experience of himself or he was writingRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Macbeth - The Natural And Supernatural World1313 Words   |  6 PagesDunn AP Literature 12/3/15 To be or not to be? That is the Question of Macbeth The idea that not everything is quite what it seems is not a new one, and has been explored even long before the time of William Shakespeare; however, the playwright whose name has remained the talk of dinner tables worldwide, did an exceptional job of weighing the plurality of the different forms of the natural world. In the Scottish play, Macbeth, Shakespeare both entertains his audience, and poses questions as to whatRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Macbeth 1163 Words   |  5 PagesMacbeth a play written by William Shakespeare in the early XVII is a tragic story where the protagonist,Macbeth,murders the king at the time who was King Duncan so he could get the throne for himself.The Crucible written by author Arthur Miller in 1953 tells the story of the salem witch trials and the downfall that follows.Both plays are classics and are essential to English literature.Many important and relatable themes can be found throughout the plays.In each of the plays we get to see different

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Submission to the Disability Inclusion Action Plan- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theSubmission to the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. Answer: Disability depicts a mental or physical condition which constraints an individual`s activities, senses or even movements. It involves limiting the number of activities such an individual can take part with much ease in within the society (Barbra, 2014). He or she may be incapacitated either mentally, physically or at times socially. The disabled people normally face quite some discrimination in various aspects of life. This is particularly regarding their access to the normal daily services which other people without disabilities seek. The services range from social services, economic services, medical services, commuting services and recreation services among others (Thomas Nyla, 2017). Such discrimination inhibits the manner in which such people access important or rather basic services in the society. One such service is the transportation service particularly public transport system (Robert, 2010). For instance, you find that disabled people are highly excluded or left out when other people are boarding the various public transport means like the train and buses. People with disabilities are not awarded the required help when accessing these transport systems. This is sad since it is a trend that is replicated across the globe. The old people who are the highly affected by disability cases are facing shortage of assistive support. This is highly attributed to the fact that a majority of young people who can assist them in their mobility are out in the urban areas or they just neglect them (Benjamin, et al., 2014). As such, it is indispensable for people with disabilities to get special preferential treatment especially when it comes to the convenience of their transport around and within the cities and even in the rural areas. Keen attention should be given when drafting policies to enhance their mobility by using the transport systems. This will essentially help them to access other daily life services with ease. This evaluation will be centered on the strength and gap assessment of the draft policy from the public health lenses. One of the chief points that the disability inclusion plan for NSW has and that can bring remarkable transformation in public health is `liveable communities`. The ability of people with disabilities to get where they need to go in a safe and dignified manner, the ability to use public transport and facilities and the ability to get to enjoy similar convenience and comfort like any other customers or commuters are very paramount (Barbra, et al., 2017). This includes enhancing the accessibility of train stations, the accessibility of bus stops, accessibility of ferry wharves, enhancing the access to taxi services by disabled people, enhancing the pedestrian walk ways for all people with a special preference for people with disabilities and offer enhanced mobility support to disabled people in the peripheral and rural areas. Making the train stations more accessible to people with disability will aid in eliminating the struggle they go through when reporting to work and leaving for home (James, et al., 2015). This will reduce the stress they face in their movement. Furthermore, this will motivate other people who have disabilities to work harder and even grow their carriers in the long run. Similarly, it will allure and inspire other disabled people to actively seek for employment even in distant places since they can access train stations with much ease. Additionally, this will motivate potential employers to recruit more people who have disabilities who have been left out before just because of their disability yet they have the skills and expertise needed to get a decent employment both in the formal and informal sectors (Lisa, 2010). This applies to all other modes of transport. Another benefit of such an improvement is that it raises the affordability and accessibility of health services for people with disabilities. This implies that highly accessible train stations, bus stops, ferry wharves and pedestrian walkways among others facilitate the mobility of such people to get health care services from the various health centers and hospitals (Lisa, 2011). This plan addresses some principles of public health. Such principles include equality and universality. The two are achieved through the facilitation of an inclusive employment. This advocacy ensures that all people feel supported and valued in their workplace and any one can employment that matches their qualifications and skills regardless of whether they have disabilities or not. This will involve the provision of training that incorporates skills that are vital in handling people with disabilities. Employment forms part of social determinants of public health that impacts other such determinants. As such, when disabled people are holistically included in employment, it impacts social inclusion which is another overt principle of public health. The main strengths include: It sets out to involve all customers both those with disabilities and those without in the planning and decision-making meant for the transport system. The draft policy has extensively centered its action plan and the action items on the customer. This is evidently instrumental in ensuring that the overall health needs of the disabled people are highly considered and that they actually matter. Its strategic objectives are quite accommodative and diverse regarding the health needs of people with disability. This means that quite a majority of the public health needs of such people have been articulated in the draft policy. Also, the plan is generally workable in light of enhancing the accessibility of health care services for the disabled people in NSW. That is, this group of people will have their needs concerning proper accessibility to healthcare commendably met. One of the conspicuous weaknesses of the draft policy is the failure to include a framework for enforcing punishments for people who fail to fully observe the drafted rules. There should have been an inclusion of enforcement measures and possible punishments for transport operators who break the guidelines and rules. This could have aided in helping people desist from breaking the rules and guidelines. A journal article published by Disability and Society advocates the articulation of a wholly functional transport system particularly for people with disabilities. It highlights several follow-up and enforcement measures that can ensure that the established regulations and guidelines are well adhered to (Mike, 2013). Also, another article published by British journal of sociology of education outlines the policy framework that is functional in ensuring that disabled people are handled with the reasonable dignity especially when using public transport means (Mike Collin, 2010). References Barbra, A., 2014. Definitions, Concepts, and Measures of disability. Annals of Epidemiology, 24(1), pp. 2-7. Barbra, P., Chris, P. Vera, C., 2017. On making disability in rural places more visible, challenges and opportunities. Journal of rural studies, Volume 51, pp. 223-229. Benjamin, G., Christopher, K. Susan, M., 2014. Transportation and Socioemotional well-being of urban students with and without disabilities. Journal of prevention and intervention in the community, 42(1), pp. 31-44. James, R., John, L., Melinda, W. Sarah, R., 2015. Public Health Principles. s.l.: Springer. Lisa, L., 2010. Principles and practices of public health surveillance. s.l.: Oxford University Press. Lisa, L., 2011. Eliminating health and healthcare disparities among the growing population of people with disabilities. Health Affairs, 10(30), pp. 1947-1954. Mike, O., 2013. The social model of disability: Thirty years on. Disability and Society, 7(28), pp. 1024-1026. Mike, O. Collin, B., 2010. Disability studies, disabled people and the struggle for inclusion. British journal of sociology of education, 31(5), pp. 547-560. Robert, K., 2010. Institutional disability: the saga of transportation policy fo the disabled. s.l.: Brookings Institution Press. Thomas, D. Nyla, B., 2017. Disability models affect disability policy support through awareness of structural discrimination. Journal of social issues, 73(2), pp. 413-442.

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The Storm Essay Research Paper Analysis of free essay sample

The Storm Essay, Research Paper Analysis of? The Storm? In McKnight Malmar? s scaring narrative? The Storm? she weaves a violent storm and slaying together to rise the hideous fright that engulfs Janet Willsom. The storm is a combination of female parent nature, Janet? s emotions and her heartbreaking quandary. The narrative begins with Janet Willsom coming home from a holiday seeing her sister who is really ill. She has come back a hebdomad early trusting her hubby, Ben, would be home so she could surprise him but he? s non. There is a really strong storm blossoming outside and Janet gets concerned with Ben? s whereabouts. She wonders if he is still in the metropolis working tardily. There is a missive addressed to Ben on the tabular array but she destroys it because she knows that this missive is likely no different from the others that have been sent to him in the yesteryear. We will write a custom essay sample on The Storm Essay Research Paper Analysis of or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Throughout this cliff-hanging narrative she is lonely in the stray place far off from the busy urban metropolis. As the storm got worse, she started to hear footfalls and she thought she saw a face at the window in the life room. Be this ghostly face in the window her hubby? Recognizing that possibly it was her imaginativeness, she went to the cellar to acquire wood to do a fire. The cellar was moist and dark and there was a iciness in the air because the cellar door was broad unfastened. Janet wondered if the air current was so strong that it blew it unfastened or if there was an interloper. She grabbed the doorhandle and closed it every bit hard as she could because the air current was so strong. The fire wood was in the corner so she walked towards it. All of a sudden she noticed that her old bole was opened merely a cleft, she walked to over to it and threw it unfastened. Liing in there was a organic structure of a adult female in a ruddy frock with a adult male? s diamond ring on her finger. In panic Janet ran up the cellar stepss, locked the door and reinforced it with a heavy wooden chair. Simutainously she heard glass shattering from the basement window and ran into the life room to quiet her frights. Soon after, Janet? s hubby Ben walked in the forepart door soaking moisture, dirty and picket. She started to state her hubby Thursday vitamin E events that had happened that dark. He found it difficult to believe that there was a sneak skulking around outside and that there was a dead organic structure in the bole. Janet took him to the cellar, they looked in the bole but there was nil in it. She wondered if she was seeing things until she saw the same diamond ring on her hubby? s finger that had been on the adult female? s finger. She realizes that her hubby killed the adult female. With all of the fright and strength in her organic structure she runs up the cellar steps, disregarding Ben shouting her name she runs out of the house and neer looks back. The narrative gave me a feeling that I was at that place out of sight from her but watching her every move. It was besides from a really cliff-hanging third-person point of position. Throughout the narrative she thinks about all the good qualities her hubby has and at the same clip is losing him. The letters that are addressed to him says New York City on the envelope ; he is ever angry about those letters but Janet neer sees the contents of those letters. My theory is that these letters are from his kept woman ; she was blackjacking him to go forth his married woman. There was a batch of accent on the storm itself, She starts to go discerning about the storm because of its increasing power? The air current hammered at the door and the Windowss, and the air was full of the sound of H2O, rushing in the troughs, pouring from the leaders, thumping on the roof. ? ( 244 ) I feel that there is a storm outside but there besides a storm traveling on from within Janet because she has uncertainty about her hubby? s fidelity. As for the apparitional face in the window and the dead adult female in the bole ; her hubby killed his kept woman, heard his married woman walking in the front door, put the dead organic structure in the bole and ran out the cellar door to the exterior. He was the face Janet saw in the window. Once she went to the cellar to acquire fire wood and left, he couldn? T open the cellar door, so he broke the window, took the dead organic structure and disposed of it. Janet yearns for her hubby to protect her from the storm and in the terminal she takes comfort from the storm.

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Theme for English B- Langston Hughes Research Paper Example

Theme for English B Theme for English B- Langston Hughes Paper Theme for English B- Langston Hughes Paper Langston Hughes wrote Theme for English B in 1949. English in the poem is emblematic of comprehensiveness, universality and cultural integration. The poem is a satirical take on the grading system with regard to individuals; and utilizes the vernacular as a potent metaphor to emphasis this. Hughes uses language, certain rhythm and structure to relay the bias to writing a poem on oneself due to the connotation that comes with race. The English language in question, English B, is emphasized as a level of English that is below the regular English A.In this context, the poet voices that the whites consider themselves to be the original inhabitants or true, as opposed to the blacks who were treated as secondary citizens. Parts of Theme for English B rhyme and other parts do not. The introduction to the poem starts with the poet paraphrasing the instructor’s orders: â€Å"Go home and write/a page tonight. And let that page come out of you/then it will be true. The speaker asks, I wonder if its that simple? The rest of the stanza in his voice, which is African-American, does not rhyme.The poem concludes with rhyming lines which end with me and free, and the last line: This is my page for English B. the vicissitudes in the rhyme pattern is representative of how language defines the supposed â€Å"quality† of the assignment. Furthermore, the shift in rhyme accentuates the metaphor of how this page is a representation of him and therefore how the different vernacular and rhyme are illustrative of how he is an amalgam of culture, neither stereotypically black, nor a white duplicate, but a contemporary blend of the two.In the poem, he lists facts about himself. This list is ingeniously written because Hughes subtly equates himself as first, a human being, then a normal man- just like any other- and finally as a man with good taste in terms of music and possessions â€Å"I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love. / I like to work, read, learn, and under stand life/ like a pipe for a Christmas present/ or records- Bessie, Bop, or Bach† (Hughes 21-23).He also states things that set him apart from his classmates, including the fact that he is the only African American man in his class and that he resides in Harlem (Hughes 10-11). By conveying his commonality, despite the superficial issue of race, Hughes depicts his plight of figuring out who he is as an individual, but also as a man trying to fit into society. He is both a part of Harlem and a part of a mostly white English class: â€Å"I guess I’m what / I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you† (Hughes 17-18).While he holds onto his African American culture, he also acknowledges that it does not define him as a person: â€Å"I guess being colored doesn’t make me  not  like / the same things other folks like who are other races† (Hughes 25-26). Hughes concludes that although he is different from his peers in some ways, they are all Americans with common likes and purposes. The â€Å"page† therefore works as a viable and profound metaphor for cultural integration.

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Fizzy Sparkling Lemonade Made With Science

Fizzy Sparkling Lemonade Made With Science Relax and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade while doing science! Heres an easy way to turn ordinary lemonade into fizzy sparkling lemonade. The project works on the same principle as the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano. When you combine an acid and baking soda, you get carbon dioxide gas, which is released as bubbles. The acid in the volcano is acetic acid from vinegar. In fizzy lemonade, the acid is citric acid from lemon juice. Carbon dioxide bubbles are what gives soft drinks their fizz. In this easy chemistry project, youre simply making the bubbles yourself. Fizzy Lemonade Ingredients You could do this project with any lemonade, but if you make your own it wont end up insanely sweet. Its up to you. For the lemonade base you need: 2 cups water1/2 cup lemon juice (contains citric acid and a smaller amount of ascorbic acid)1/4 cup sugar (sucrose) Youll also need: sugar cubesbaking soda (sodium bicarbonate) Optional: toothpicksfood coloring Make Homemade Fizzy Lemonade Mix together the water, lemon juice, and sugar. This is tart lemonade, but youll sweeten it in a bit. If you like, you can refrigerate the lemonade so you wont need to add ice to chill it later.For kids (or if youre a kid at heart), draw faces or designs on sugar cubes using toothpicks dipped in food coloring.Coat the sugar cubes with baking soda. You can roll them in the powder or shake sugar cubes in a small plastic bag containing baking soda.Pour some of your lemonade into a glass. When youre ready for the fizz, drop a sugar cube into the glass. If you used food coloring on the sugar cubes, you can watch the lemonade change color.Enjoy the lemonade! Expert Tip Another option, besides food coloring, is to paint the sugar cubes with an edible pH indicator. The indicator will change color according to whether its on the powdered sugar cube or in the lemonade. Red cabbage juice is a good choice, but there are other options you can find in your kitchen.Any acidic liquid will work for this project. It doesnt have to be lemonade! You could carbonate orange juice, limeade, grapefruit juice, or even ketchup (maybe not so tasty, but it makes a nice volcano). Got another lemon? Use it to make a homemade battery.

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Operation Management Particularies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Operation Management Particularies - Essay Example While solving the problem you should remember that the main purpose of each entrepreneur is to minimize costs and to maximize benefits. In this case its evident that mathematic methods should be applied. The economist usually use linear programming Linear programming is an important field of optimization for several reasons. Many practical problems in operations research can be expressed as linear programming problems. Certain special cases of linear programming, such as network flow problems and multicommodity flow problems are considered important enough to have generated much research on specialized algorithms for their solution. A number of algorithms for other types of optimization problems work by solving LP problems as sub-problems. ( programming). To use the method you problem should be equated in the form of mathematic So linear function is c1x1+ c2x2+ c3x3 min. c1- number of loaders c2-number of tracks c3- every loader's salary. X1- number of parts loaded by each employee x2- truck tonnage x3- number of loaders. Restrictions are x1,x2, x3 c1.c2 c3 0. a11x1+a12x2+a13x36 a21x1+ a22x2 +a23x312 Forfeit is the return of property someone belonging or in return for a bad happening as part of a contractual or legal transgression ( ... c1- number of loaders c2-number of tracks c3- every loader's salary. X1- number of parts loaded by each employee x2- truck tonnage x3- number of loaders. Restrictions are x1,x2, x3 c1.c2 c3 0. a11x1+a12x2+a13x36 a21x1+ a22x2 +a23x312 Than the problem is expressed in the form of matrix and solved by means of simplex method. Q2 In case of the trucks breaking down the manufacturer is able to demand a forfeit. According to the civil law debtor is obligated to compensate losses caused by the debtor's failure. Forfeit is the return of property someone belonging or in return for a bad happening as part of a contractual or legal transgression ( Usually it is only done in the most extreme circumstances, in which the forfeiting party believes there is simply no way to continue under the present circumstances It may be counted as utilization of the parts by the manufacturer multiplied by hours of stoppage. Q3 There are some ways to ensure that the manufacturer doesn't run of the parts. First you can provide more parts than it is required and the manufacturers could stock it in their warehouse. Second it could be solved by insurances. The main principles of insurance are 1. there must be a larger number of similar objects so the financial outcome of insuring the pool of exposures is predictable. Therefore they can calculate a "fair" premium. 2. the losses have to be accidental and unintentional from the point of view of the insured. 3. the losses must be measurable, identifiable in location, time, and be definite. They also want the losses to cause economic hardship. That is, so the insured has an incentive to protect and preserve the property to minimize the probabilty that the losses occur. 4. the loss

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Art History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Art History - Essay Example ticle focuses on modernism and the author has turned to present day practitioners whose work are not only the most powerful being done currently, but as well is a wholly committed to the modernist project. The author has used other author’s examples throughout his work in giving examples on how modernism begins and how postmodernism comes in and changes the way a human being lives. The use of descriptive language style in this context has made the author draw the reader’s attention which is a better method of retaining readers and making an article more interesting. The author has also applied the use of speech; this clearly shows how the author has invited other people’s work in this particular article. The author has also used descriptive and vivid language in order to add depth to this article. This appeal to mankind senses to deepen any reader’s well understanding of this article (Morris, Tony, Anthony, Watt and Michael 65). To foster this, the author has included some photographs to support some of his facts. These pictures help any reader to visualize the content being talked about at the back of his or her mind. According to the author, within modernist practice, artists will always reach for signs that function as algorithms of the structural or medium within which they occur. As the center or core of that particular structure, such as a sign, secures the unity or singularity of the task itself, a unity that had been named â€Å"aura† in a different era. The author has also elaborated modernity with most trending lifestyle things such as cars and electronic gadgets majorly. Constitutive heterogeneity may as well define the latest work of a modernist in most part of the article (Cahoone and Lawrence 111). The author has not talked much about himself about modernism which leaves the reader to wonder what type of option he has decided to take. It is until the last sentence of the article that the reader realizes that when the author reveals that the

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Death Penalties in the UK Essay Example for Free

Death Penalties in the UK Essay In PSHE we were studying death penalties in the world. All of the students had different opinions on why we should have or why we shouldn’t have it like it is now in the UK. In this case my opinion is to keep it how it is and not punish criminals with death penalties. I would like to keep the law with no death penalties in the UK. This is because even though the do horrible crimes to get a death penalty, they are still human and there are a lot of things that could go wrong. You could be taking an innocent person who done nothing wrong and giving the death penalty and realizing your mistake after they’re dead. Even if they are guilty there could be so much pain when they are getting injected or shot or any other ways to kill them. Just because they’re murderers, they are still human. Also, what if they did get their death penalty but they didn’t die until an hour after or several minutes, just imagine how much pain that person would be, how their family would feel, how you would feel if you were in that same position. A woman from the UK was sent to America to get a death penalty for something she might not have done and we’re only depending on the evidence of two people. On May 4th 1990 in Florida a man named Jesse Joseph Tafero was executed on the electrocution chair. During the execution, six-inch flames erupted from Taferos head, and three jolts of power were required to stop his breathing. State officials claimed that the botched execution was caused by inadvertent human error the inappropriate substitution of a synthetic sponge for a natural sponge that had been used in previous executions. They attempted to support this theory by sticking a part of a synthetic sponge into a common household toaster and observing that it smoldered and caught fire. Just ask yourself the question: would you liked to be treated this way? This also has a bad picture on Britain. Keep the old saying into your head: treat other people the way YOU would like to be treated. This is my opinion and I think you should take this on mind because we would like to keep a nice image on Britain and not damage it more than it already is. Please don’t put the death penalty in Britain. A lot of people would agree with me.

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A Defense of Whitman :: Biography Biographies Essays

A Defense of Whitman  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚   Whether they have loved or loathed his poetry, each writer or critic who has encountered "Leaves of Grass" has had to come to some sort of reckoning with Walt Whitman. The Good Gray Poet, the grandfather of American poetry, has been deified by some and labeled a cultural and artistic barbarian by others. While Whitman freely admitted in his preface to the final publication of "Leaves of Grass" that the work was faulty and far from perfect, some critics see no redeeming qualities in Whitman's art. Henry James goes so far as to say, "Whitman's an offense to art." (James, p.16) James chastises Whitman for extolling and exploiting what James feels are truisms. To James, Whitman's poetry is completely self-aggrandizing; it lacks substance and coherence. Through an examination of a specific poem, "The Wound Dresser", the claims of James and other negative critics can be refuted.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      The broadest and most general critiques can be dismissed most readily. Henry James accuses Whitman of refusing to deal with challenging moral questions in his poetry. Whitman speaks of the evils of war, suffering, and senseless death in graphic detail in "The Wound Dresser", but to James these evils are obvious targets for lesser poets.    "A great deal of verse that is nothing but words has, during the war, been sympathetically sighed over and cut out of newspaper corners because it possessed a certain simple melody." (James, p.16)       James denies Whitman's poetry even a simple melody. Whitman is more an emotional opportunist than a poet. James even claims that Whitman's primary goal is the glorification of the Union army. The poem in question, however, hints at a different conclusion. "(was one side so brave? The other side was equally brave)" (Whitman, p.249). In dealing with supposed truisms Whitman's poem begins to ask the question: if the inherent evils of war, suffering, and senseless death are indeed so painfully obvious to you, Henry James, and your world, why are they supported with such fervor? Why in fact do they exist at all? Whitman happens to write from a sincere moral minority of which Henry James is a part. Thus to label Whitman altruistic is to label James as well.    John Jay Chapman levels the most absurd attack on Whitman:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚   "The man [Whitman] knew the world merely as an outside observer, he was never a living part of it, and no mere observer can understand the life about him.

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RFID in Health Care Industry

Radio Frequency Identification is one of the technological advancement that has made its way into almost all the industries. It serves the purpose of identifying and tracking the objects by transferring the data. Health care sector is one of the industries in which RFID is being used to enhance clinical practice, patient care and access the medical records of patients. RFID also helps in improving the operational efficiency and also patient safety. This paper gives a basic overview of the use of RFID in health care industry and the standards associated with it. Radio Frequency Identification is the process of identifying a person or an object or a thing using the RF-transmitted identification code. Over the years, the technology has played a vital role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care systems. Today the health care systems are using a wide range of RFID applications to enhance the overall performance of their industry. A few applications include; RFID tracking system, RFID bracelets, RFID under the skin, RFID for patient management system and RFID for resource management system (Banks, 2007). Hand Hygiene Monitoring in Hospitals According to (Symonds, 2011) â€Å"RFID can also be used to ensure that proper hygiene (and other) procedures are followed† (p. 10). Hand hygiene monitoring is an important step to be taken by healthcare industry. The RFID system can keep a track of the employees washing their hands and also the cycle time of their hand washing process using an RFID card or a bracelet. This system utilizes the simple concept of washing hands and aids in reducing the number of infections passed on by the staff in the hospitals (Symonds, 2011). According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthcare associated infections are one of the major causes for the death of hospitalized patients. Humans or the healthcare workers are one of the major means of transmission of viruses and infections. Infections can spread either through direct contact or through the equipment used by these health care workers. Hand hygiene is therefore the fundamental measure in reducing the number of healthcare associated infections. The main aim of RFID systems here is to improve the hand hygiene in hospitals by building an automated monitoring system (Bennett, Jarvis, & Brachman, 2007). The hand hygiene system comprises of the following measures to be taken to prevent the transmission of diseases: * Cleaning hands with soap * Hygienic hand rubs The main objective here is to kill the bacteria that live on the surface of the skin to avoid its transmission to other people when in contact. The hand rubs consist of alcohol that kills micro organisms from nails, hands and forearms. They prevent drying of skin and reduce the rapid re-growth of bacteria (Raftery, 2008). RFID Hand Hygiene Monitoring System The RFID technology uses small â€Å"tags† which emit radio signals. These signals are read by the RFID readers. One of the recent developed RFID enabled system is a IntelligentM’s wrist band system which functions as follows. * The RFID readers are placed on the hand washing and sanitizing stations and the RFID system know all the locations of these stations. The employees who wear the wrist band developed by IntelligentM consist of the tags that can be read by the readers that are present on these sanitizing stations. The accelerometer that is present in the wrist band will identify the time spent by the wearer in washing the hand. The wrist band will not buzz once if the hands are washed correctly and thrice if they are not. * The RFID tags are also placed on some of the equipment and outside the patient’s rooms. Before carrying out any procedures that have higher risk of carrying infections, this system alerts the health care workers to properly clean their hands. * The employees are monitored at the end of each shift by collecting the data from the wrist band through the micro USB. In this way the hand hygiene system is monitored by the use of RFID (Young, 2013). RFID World Regulatory Bodies The regulating bodies from the following countries have an influence over the advancements of the RFID related technologies. * United States: FCC regulates electromagnetic spectrum. * Japan: Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) * Europe: Bothe FCC and MPHPT are related to European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT). RFID Standards in Health Care Industry International Standards Organization (ISO) ISO is a â€Å"non-governmental, international body based in Geneva, Switzerland† (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). It provides standards for the tag data management and air interface protocols. European Committee for Standardization (CEN) European Committee for Standardization is a â€Å"European based non-profit organization located in Belgium†. CEN works in collaboration with ISO to develop balanced international standards in healthcare (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). British Standards Institute (BSI) British Standards Institute â€Å"is a national standards body in the UK†. It is concerned with the products that are used in Healthcare and standards of these products (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American National Standards Institute is a body that is based in USA. It provides guidelines to develop products and approves the products that have met the recommended practices set by Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). It provides standards related to the RFID labels on the products used by health care providers. ISO Standards for Health Care * ISO 13485: Provides guidelines for companies that manufacture medical equipment. * ISO 11784: Provides guidelines for structuring data on the tag. * ISO 18047: Provides guidelines for testing the conformance of RFID tags and readers. * ISO 18046: Provides guidelines for testing the performance of RFID tags and readers. * ISO 17664: Requires guidelines to be provided by the manufacturer to re-sterilize and decontaminate the medical devices. ISO 14937: Guidelines for developing and validating the sterilization process of healthcare devices (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). Conclusion The RFID technology has come a long way in improving the productivity and efficiency of healthcare sector. By using the RFID technologies healthcare organizations can aim at providing improved patient care. By providing standards for development of various products equipped with RFID, t he products can be easily trusted and widely accepted.

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Atlantic Computer: a Bundle of Pricing Options

[Case Write-Up #5, 2011-11-14] Case 6. Atlantic Computer Group 11 2010123281 Lim, Min A 2010123380 Lee, Yoon Ji 2010101026 Na, Hyeon Jung 2010123031 Park, Jae Eon ?. Executive Summary At the present, with the growth of the Internet, the basic server market is growing rapidly and the Atlantic computer, which is aimed at producing the high performance server, is ready to sell the basic server. It launches the Tronn loaded with PESA. PESA, the software increases the speed of file sharing and web servers, two of the most used application for the consumers, so it should be sold with the Tronn, the hardware.At first year, if we assume that the firm will be able to sell all of the Tronn servers it can produce, Atlantic’s resulting share of the basic server segment will be 4%. We suggest that possibility as our goal to pursue. But the basic market is already full with the competitor, Ontario with the Zink and the company has a tendency to stick to the traditional marketing approach. T o overcome these impediments, we suggest to set the price based on the calculation of cost-based pricing and to abandon the original direct marketing methods and accept the indirect ways like online-marketing and the advertisement through diverse media. . Problem Analysis (Goal & Impediments) Goal As new-comer of the basic server market, Atlantic’s computer begins from the scratch. If Atlantic’s computer can sell all of its product, the Tronn, it can occupy 4% in basic server market. But the thing is, it is a ground stone to enlarge the market share in the long run, so it would better not to harm the revenue to reach that figure. The targeted consumers is people who have demand for basic server, especially who are interested in one application, especially either of file sharing and web servers, and who seeks the way to inimize the initial purchase costs and subsequent possession costs. Impediments We have two main impediments for our goal, strong competitor and Atlanti c computer’s traditional marketing strategy. Our strong competitor, Ontario, has already half of the market share in basic server segment. Also their product Zink has similar spec with Tronn. So we have to compete with Zink in price or innovative supply chain strategy. It is hard to appeal to consumers that we have not technological superiority but fall behind Zink in market share very much. Another main impediment is Atlantic Computer’s existing traditional marketing strategy.Atlantic Computer already won success in high performance segment, so many people in the company tend to think that it’s just right to apply existing marketing strategy to basic segment. Atlantic’s computer is interested in making intimate relationship with customers and maintaining its post-sales assistance service level in high performance segment. But situation in basic segment and high performance segment is different, we have to apply different marketing strategy each other. As mentioned above, there is specific situation where Zink and Tronn is very similar in technological aspect.Therefore, there should be some unique marketing strategy in basic segment. ?. Solution Analysis Solution To boost market share in basic segment, Atlantic Company should develop proper the pricing strategy. The company should consider four strategies: status-quo pricing, competition-based pricing, cost-based pricing and value-based pricing. ? Status-quo pricing cost of Server only and PESA for free Price of one Tronn Server = $2000 2 Tronn Servers + PESA software free = 2*2000 = $4000 Total Price of 2 Atlantic Bundles to Daytradejournal. com = $4000 Price of 1 Atlantic Bundle = $2000 ? Competition-based pricingPricing the Tronn servers based on price of competitor server (Zink by Ontario) and PESA for free. Since 2 Tronn Server with PESA software is equivalent to 4 Zink servers Price of one Zink Server = $1700 / 2 Tronn Servers + PESA software free=4*1700= $6800 Total Price of 2 Atlantic Bundles = $6800 Price of 1 Atlantic Bundle = $3400 ? Cost-based pricing (figure1, figure2) Cost incurred in PESA software development = $2000000 / Cost of Tronn Server = $1538 Price of 1 Atlantic Bundle = $ 2245 ?Value-based Pricing (figure3) Considering 4 Zink server is equivalent to 2 Tronn server and 2 PESA software. Price of 1 Atlantic Bundle = $ 4200Above diagram, we can know that fourth pricing strategy get high profit, but price is also high. If price is too high, customers are reluctant to buy Atlantic Bundle, and this harms the market share. So, the company should avoid to select Value-based pricing and Competition-based pricing. Status-quo pricing could be an effective way for increasing market share because of its cheap price, but it will not give benefit in the long-run. Cost-based pricing is the best choice for Atlantic Company, because its moderate price makes company get high market share in the beginning and moderate profit for first year.There could be an argument that status-quo pricing is more appropriate way to reach our goal of reaching the 4% of the market share in basic server field. But as mentioned above our goal is a ground stone to grow in the long run, it is better to choose the price making more profit with similar figure market share basis. Moreover to boost market share in basic segment the company should use indirect mass marketing. In high performance server market, it was efficient to use expensive direct marketing to the giant and few consumers. But it is non-matching to basic segment where the company should put its great effort to lower the price.So the company should use the indirect and comparatively cheaper way to connect with the smaller and much consumers of the basic server market. The Atlantic’s computer can use online-marketing like its competitor, Ontario, or it can use mass market advertising through mass media. It could affect to more consumers easily. Although this method the product could affe ct each consumer less, the total quantity of influence on the targeted consumers should increase assuming the number of the customers in this market, figure 1 figure 2 figure 3

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Early Theaters essays

Early Theaters essays Around the turn of the 20th century, America was a society experiencing big changes, unlike any that had been experienced before, and it was because of these changes that the birth of cinema was possible. Without certain conditions present it is unlikely that theaters would have grown in popularity so quickly or had as great an impact on the daily lives of so many people. The rise of big business changed life in America forever, spawning a massive shift in population from rural living, farming work to urban life centered on factory work, as well as triggering a massive new immigration, swelling Americas already diverse cities with more and more foreign born citizens. It was because of these changes that the cinema was able to become a popular attraction, drawing large crowds consistently and competing directly with existing forms of entertainment such as ballet, live theater and vaudeville. The rise of big business caused a transition in work from primarily farm type work to new factory jobs. This resulted in large masses congregating in cities, coming from rural America as well as immigrants coming from many other countries in search of a better life. These workers had previously identified themselves with the type of work they did, but the new factory work was not seen as much as an identifier, but rather a means to an end, simply what one did to collect a paycheck. The other important change this brought about was a new concept for the workers called free time. This was time the worker was not expected to work, but rather time that could be spent however one chose. Many people used this time to escape their everyday existence with some form of entertainment. The ballet, live theater and vaudeville were common outlets, though blue-collar workers did not see these outlets as easily accessible. Something new was on the way that would change entertainment foreve r: the motion picture theater. ...

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Should You Really Go to College Out of State Pros and Cons

Should You Really Go to College Out of State Pros and Cons SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips One of the most important decisions you'll make in the college research process is where in the country to focus your search. Going to school out of state has its benefits, but is an out-of-state college the right choice for you? In this article, I’ll give you the general pros and cons of attending an out-of-state college and provide some guidance on whether you should apply. What’s the Difference Between Out-of-State and In-State Colleges? Out-of-state colleges differ from in-state colleges mainly in the fact that they’re, well, not in your home state.The term â€Å"in-state colleges† is primarily used to refer to public universities in your home state because this usually means a lower tuition price tag.For private colleges, in-state and out-of-state tuition are usually the same.The two main qualities that differentiate out-of-state colleges from in-state colleges are that out-of-state colleges are farther away from your hometown and more expensive than in-state colleges. Pros and Cons of Out-of-State Colleges Pros You’ll be able to explore a new area and get outside your comfort zone. You’ll meet more people from different backgrounds and be more incentivized to make new friends. You’ll have more independence and get a feel for what it’s like to live on your own. Tons of choices! If you’re open to attending college out of state, you’ll have a huge range of different types of schools to choose from and won’t be limited by what your state offers. Cons You'll pay a higher tuition price for an out-of-state college than you would for an in-state public university. You’ll miss out on any savings you might get from living at home and commuting to an in-state school. You’ll be further away from home, so you won’t be able to rely on your family for support as muchor see your old friends as often. You might feel isolated or lonely in an unfamiliar place. Should You Go to an Out-of-State College? Is an out-of-state college right for you? There’s a couple of personal factors you should consider now that you understand the general positives and negatives. First, how important is the cost of college to you and your family?Out-of-state tuition is usually pricier than in-state tuition. The average tuition price is $9,139 for in-state students and $22,958 for out-of-state students (both at public colleges).If you plan on attending a private college, however, in state and out-of-state tuition rates will be more similar.Discuss financing college with your family and do some research. To reduce your student debt, you may decide that an in-statepubliccollegeis the bestoption. You should also ask yourself how far from home you want to be for college.Some students deal with the transition from high school to college better than others, and it can be tough to be in an unfamiliar place without access to your usual support system.During other times of change in your life, such as switching to a new school or moving to a new town, did you adapt well or did you struggle?This should give you clues as to how you might deal with settling into a new environment in college.If you think you’ll be all too happy to be away from your family and start meeting new people, you may thrive at an out-of-state school where you can re-establish your identity. Dye your hair purple, get a mohawk, and never look back. Researching Out-of-State Colleges If you want to attend an out-of-state college, you have a lot of options to sift through.The next thing to think about is whether you want attend a public or private college and if you’re interested in a specific area of the country.There are manycollege search resources online that will help you narrow down your search.You can also look at thisguide to choosing a college to get ideas on what other questions to ask yourself about your preferences. Try signing up for a profile on Cappex, which will give you the opportunity to identify your preferences on location, size, and other factors. It will also ask you to share your academic statistics so you can find out your chances of admission at different schools.You’ll be matched up with colleges that fit your criteria, or you can search for schools by name if you have some in mind.Each school has a full profile that lists relevant statistics and facts about campus life. If you’re interested in a school, add it to your running list of options and compare it with other colleges to see how it measures up.In your profile, you can specify how far away from home you want to be so that you’ll only get recommendations for out-of-state schools. Summary Out-of-state schools may be right for you if you're looking for new experiences and some distance from your hometown.If you think you want to attend school out of state, you’ll have a huge variety of colleges to choose from that each possess many different qualities that may make or break your experience. Depending on how important cost and proximity to your hometown are for you, you may or may not decide that out-of-state schools are the best choice.Get started researching schools now so that you can start narrowing down your options! What's Next? How much does it really cost to go to college? Learn about the financial realities of attending college in this article. If you plan on attending an out-of-state college, you'll be choosing between schools that come in a variety of sizes. Read this article to learn whether you're better suited to a large or small college environment.For more specific information on small colleges and what they're like, take a look at this article. Thinking about applying to some of the most selective schools in the country? Check out this guide on how to get into Ivy League and other highly competitive colleges. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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China Banking System. Comparison between State-owned Banks and Essay

China Banking System. Comparison between State-owned Banks and Joint-Stock Commercial Banks - Essay Example It is anticipated that these reforms will have an impact on the efficiency and performance on China’s banks. Moreover, emphasis is placed upon investigating the diversity of efficiency levels between different types of banks (SOBs and JSCBs) Analysis Considering economics, the theoretical construction representing an economic process, basing on a set of variables and logical sets as well as relationships which are quantitative, can be defined as a model. A model in economics is a backdrop which is simplified thus complex processes is illustrative. Mathematical terms are not always put to use in the model. Measurements that are structural are inclusive in economic models. In model classes, parameters that underlies are structural ones. Creation of various properties comes from the changing of various parameters. Fitting, investigation and theorizing are examples of uses of model methodologically. Functionalism of economic models is in the simplification of abstraction of data under observation. The models used in selecting data, basis on sets of assumptions on the study of econometrics. As a result of ambiguity of processes in economics, simplification is necessary. Complexity in economics is due to a variety of economic activities determining factors. Diverse economic factors are in inclusive of; cooperative and individual decision making, limitation of resources, hindrances’ due to geographical and environmental factors, requirement from legal personality and institutional based laws, and random fluctuations. Thus, the making of decisions by economists, on what bases information analysis takes place and their presentation. Selection of the economic model to use is to be done on the bases of the facts economists are tabling and on their compilation. The measurement of inflation which is a concept in economics requires a behavioral model. This is for differentiation of real changes and price changes, thus inflation attributable changes in price. Models in use include; forecasting which logically relate conclusion to assumptions, proposal of policies in economics for the modification of future economic activity, is also a model, presentation of reasonable arguments for political justification of policy nationally, is also a model in use. Planning and allocation in economies that are centrally in the plan used in economic modeling is also under consideration. Predictive models in finance are in uses for a long time in trading. There is bond trading on economic bases for growth prediction in developing countries that issue them. Models in management of risk are in incorporation for economic relationships, among variables under simulation for detection of high-exposure scenarios in the future. Argumentative frameworks in application of logic are under establishment. Independent discussion and testing for mathematical application is in the application . In supporting models, arguments and policies relying on economic models have clear bases relating to soundness (Heffernan, 2009). Currently, models in economics in use do not show pretence basing on the â€Å"everything economic theories.† Pretensions under scrutiny overwhelmingly receive prevention from occurring, by computation activities that

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Facebook as a gateway to marketing activities Essay

Facebook as a gateway to marketing activities - Essay Example Facebook is one of the most renowned social network sites in the internet that tries to connect people around the world. It is one of the leading social network sites that have captured billions of people to get connected through virtual friend request and invitation. This website is known to provide more than just entertainment because it is also used to disseminate information to each of the member of the site. In today’s world’s activities where information can become so confusing at some point or very helpful in a way, people may no longer have the time to determine how they are bombarded with diverse idea everyday. In the case of website Facebook people are constantly moving with the trend without them trying to notice how they are used in it. In this paper, the proponent tries to emphasize a specific issue in which people can hardly notice about its existence. This is in line with the marketing strategy used by marketers by tapping social network sites particularl y Facebook. Facebook as a gateway to marketing activities Facebook members seem to know little about it that when they agree with the terms and conditions of the social network site during registration of their account, technically all information they shared with the site belong to Facebook management. The information they shared become the real property of Facebook management in which the member may actually have no real control over them. This is an advantage at the side of Facebook management because they may have necessary data to be processed into useful information for whatever purpose it may provide for their further benefits. Marketers are always studying their consumers and these include demographics or characteristics of human population including sex, religious background, social orientation, culture, education and many more. All of these information are very important to be learned in every marketing activity because through them a marketer will be able to create strate gic move in order to stimulate needs for their product or service offerings. Fortunately, marketers find their way in social network sites to study human behavior and characteristics of human population. For instance, the existence of News Feed and Mini Feed features at Facebook actually triggered privacy issues and discussion of their future influences (Hoadley et al. 50). Certainly this is just a proof that online social network site is not just built for purely interaction among members, but its design is leading forward to spiraling growth of tremendous possibilities. As one result that can be clearly observed, Facebook has become an easy way for business-oriented individuals to promote their service and product offerings. If this is the thought going on with the mind of these simple and ordinary individuals, then certainly there can be more going on in the minds of marketing professionals. In fact, the on-going trend of marketing activity is reaching to interactivity (Deighton and Kornfeld 4). This is a real case going on at Facebook as a social networking site adhering to create healthy interaction among people in every walk of life around the world. Facebook is built to create profit Facebook as an online social network site is instituted to gain and create profit. In order to reach this corporate goal, the management needs to acquire many members as many as possible. This is the reason why there is always an option for ‘friend request’ so as to substantially increase the number of members. The higher number of members is directly associated with the profit or revenue to be obtained. In 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported $710 million estimated revenue of Facebook but other estimates had been revealed to be around $1 to $1.1 billion. These are just estimates at some level but the main point is that Facebook does not start gaining these ranges of revenue. They had started from a very humble beginning. Everything started to go for Facebook ’s favor when the number of their online members had

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How has the internet and social media changed our society Essay

How has the internet and social media changed our society - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the internet and social media has played a great part in transforming people’s life and making it be much easier and worth living it. In about 20 years ago, very few people had ever heard of the name internet if there were any. In 1991, if a person was asked to say what a domain name is, they could have looked at the one asking in a blank face. All that has changed since the internet was discovered. People use the internet services each and every day in their activities, which include online banking and communicating with their friends. Social media was launched about nine years ago. Social media has also changed the way people live to a better way since people can share their problems with their friends and get comfort and encouragement. The Internet can be considered as one of the greatest inventions that have been witnessed in our generation. This has prompted some people to claim that the internet has ushered in an important new revolution which they claim that is as important as the industrial revolution. The Internet has altered the way people communicate with each other, how people shop and how they get their information. The internet influence has spread far beyond the online world confines which have affected many aspects of the lives we live. One of the main ways the internet has transformed our lives is by giving us an access to any information that we need. It has helped in opening up a world of possibilities where information can be shared. Before internet was invented, students had a lot of difficulties doing their research since they had to do it in the library. That is not the case in the internet era since the information that the students want is right at their fingertips. There are search engines in the interne that have ready information that the students and other researchers look for. These search engines includes Google and Yahoo search engines (Golden 2010). The Google website is on e of the most successful sites which tend to be the most visited site and the leader in a market that is very competitive. Google has a big coverage and a high speed of results that makes it easier for the researchers. Internet has made the world to be seen as a global village. Internet has helped in eliminating communication barrier that is caused by geographical distance (Golden 2010). Through the social media sites, one can have friends from all over the world, from as far from Zimbabwe to China. Internet has also helped in growing of businesses. This is by having devices like the dedicated serves which allows the offices to remain connected every time. It has also made shopping easier which can nowadays been done online (Lyn Gorman and David McLean,2009). This has made the whole world to look like a normal shopping mall, where someone can buy dresses from Paris and designer shoes from London. Internet has also made banking easier, where one can bank online and manage their finances without having to go to the banking hall each and every time they need the banking services. In early days, searching for jobs was a difficult task where one could only find jobs from the local newspaper and the recruitment agencies (Dijck 2013). . This has however changed thanks to internet as one can now search for jobs online. Talking of jobs, internet has helped many people by giving them an opportunity to work on the comfort of their homes. This is through the online jobs where one can earn with their pajamas on. This is an easier way to work, where one becomes his or her own boss, meaning that they do not experience the wrath of the bosses as other workers do. However, the greatest gift that is brought by the revolution that internet has experienced is education, where a person can learn everywhere by having online classes (Golde

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Consumption and Customers in the Automobile Industry

Consumption and Customers in the Automobile Industry Yu Dai â€Å"I don’t need it but I want it, why shouldn’t I have it?† In the documentary No Impact Man, the heroine Michelle questioned her husband Colin who had proposed the environmental protection project. The question, simple while indeed stated with logical precision, involves significant issues. From the economic perspective, this situation is described as hovering between personal motivations and consumer values when making economic decisions. Personal motivations have been considered a driving force of consumption, whereas consumer values express motivational concerns according to the theory of basic human values (Schwartz, S. H., Bilsky, W.). In the end of the movie, Michelle cycled through Manhattan with her baby girl. She once could not understand why some people did not drive in New York City, but then she became one of them. It is customary to consider that â€Å"finding balance regard to values† implies compromise, in which personal desires are usu ally first sacrificed, as it did in the case of Michelle who gave up her car. Nevertheless, I argue that values can be useful in expediting technological progress and giving us guidance for consuming smarter rather than simply sacrificing motivations. The formation of consumer values cannot be divorced from the consumption behavior itself. The idea of consumption has a long history, even before the emergence of money, back to the barter system period. Consumerism in the contemporary sense, which was considered as the early immature consumer value, originated in late nineteenth century when the accomplishment of the Second Industrial Revolution further encouraged the economic development. People’s spending habits changed greatly during the past several centuries. Most economic developments in the last century have been achieved at the cost of environment, and after entering the new century, many attempts were made to change the situation. Automobile industry as one of the most representative examples shows the possibility that moral standard, as part of the consumer value, can stimulate the market to develop new technology through its influence on consumer demand and behaviors. Modern cars were invented based on the working steam-powered vehicle during the Industrial Revolution, and have become prevalent since the mass production of affordable cars by Ford Motor Company in early 1900s. The popularization of cars had made life more convenient, but meanwhile, plenty of problems arose owing to a lack of environmental consciousness in the early period. Along with the improvement of the consumer values, vehicle pollution has been a global concern with the coming of the twenty-first century. Although the inhabitants of the earth were fully aware of the importance of the environmental protection, it was still unrealistic to force them to give up owning cars in order to minimize the gas emissions and the use of petroleum resources. Therefore, there was an urgent demand for new types of cars which can be more ecofriendly. In the first decade of the new century, the design and manufacture of electric vehicles by Elon Musk is a milestone in the automobile history. Tesla Motors, the company with its incredible fully electric luxury sedan hit the wealthy who pursued fresh excitement and were willing to take responsibility for protecting the environment. The attractions of this fancy motorcar lie not only in its amazing acceleration or safety performance, but also in the use of clean energy to effectively avoid the emission of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. As Tesla Roadster was introduced as a better substitute of traditional cars to the market and consumers were naturally willing to replace the old one for the reduction of gas emission and the better protection of the environment, other companies saw the great opportunity as well and launched their new products one after another. Such positive consumer-driven cycle made energy-efficient and environmental-friendly automobiles a new trend of this cen tury. Different from what had happen to other markets, consumers didn’t simply cease their consumption in automobile to ease their concerns. Instead, they stimulate the market to update the products supplied by showing great demand for new types of cars out of concern for the environment, behind which is great influence from the consumer values. It finally offers them more choices, and thus they do not need to give up their motivations. The high price of Tesla Roadster may not be affordable to everyone, but other participants also showed their great efforts to make consumption both eco-friendly and satisfying. For those who already have cars, it seems impractical to buy a new one but reasonable to replace with another kind of fuel. Consumers highly demanded some improvements made in petroleum industry in order to reduce their guilty of polluting the environment. In this situation, the appearance of hybrid gasoline is well-founded. This new fuel reduces the pollution by adding ethanol into gasoline, which remains water after the combustion. With government support and the increasing demand, the production and use of ethanol fuel boomed in the past few years. And for those who want to buy new cars with budget constraint, the promotion of highly-efficiency and clean-fuel vehicles drop the price dramatically, and provide them with many choices as well. Consumer values often succeed in giving us suggestions about what we really need and demand for right things, in which bring such innovations that allow us to avoid struggling between conscience and desire. Besides automobile industry, there are many other businesses in which consumer values successfully make progress of technology to drive industrial development. In pharmaceutical industry, it has been a long history to use rare animals in medicine. The controversy of whether bear bile should be used as medicine has never stopped. Bear bile has been used as ingredients for its high medicinal value for thousands of years. However, the methods of bile extraction were very cruel which caused untold suffering to bears. Consumers expected the development of new drug which has the same effect but without hurting animals. Under this circumstance, after half-century study and experiment in medical circle, an artificially synthetic analogue of bear bile eventually were sold on the market and used widespread. It was another success that values guidance played its role rightly to promote the upgrade and update of commodities to conform customers’ demand. And there are numerous successful e xamples in every all walks of life. During the formation of consumer value in the past few centuries, a question has been frequently asked was in what way and how it guides our consumption behaviors. I would like to point out that consumer value as an invisible ideology often makes indirectly effect on buying habits. It exerts an imperceptible influence on consumer demand, and eventually promotes the market to supply better products with advanced technologies which allowed consumers easily to make right decisions.

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megellanic clouds :: essays research papers fc

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Clouds are usually the last things astronomers want to see in the sky, but for those who observe in the southern hemisphere there is a notable exception to that celestial rule.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are among the highlights of the southern night sky. Only within the last century were astronomers able to verify their true nature. Although they seem to be two foggy patches possibly torn from the Milky Way, astronomers believe these are actually small galaxies gravitationally bound to the Milky Way like moons around a giant planet. The two Clouds of Magellan are like binary stars that gravity draws together to form a satellite galaxy. Of all the galaxies in the entire Universe these are the closest to our galactic system. About 170,000 light-years away from the Milky Way galaxy lie the Large Magellanic Cloud. With only 15 billion young bright stars, it is just one-quarter the size of our own galaxy. During the winter of 1987, a Canadian astronomer, Ian Shelton, spotted the first naked eye supernova since 1604, the result of a massive explosion. No more exciting and scientifically significant event has occurred over the last decade in science than Supernova 1987A, as it is known. Photographs taken on the night of February 23, 1987, of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a companion galaxy to our own Galaxy, at Canada's southern hemisphere observatory at La Silla, Chile, and at the Siding Springs Observatory in Australia, revealed a 6th-magnitude object where only 12th-magnitude blue supergiant stars had been observed before. Scientists believe that the progenitor of Supernova 1987A is a typical blue supergiant of spectral type B3. Spectra taken in 1977 do not suggest anything unusual happening in the outer layers of the star prior to undergoing the supernova outburst. This is not surprising since the real changes were occurring deep inside in a relatively tiny portion of the star's radius. The Large Cloud is quite important because it is the location of this Supernova 1987A, the exploded star that for a time shone brightly but that is now dim and dead.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Farther away than the Large Cloud, the Small Magellanic Cloud is approximatly 200,000 light-years distant. It is roughly a third the size of the Large Cloud, consisting of only 5 billion older stars. The nebulas were named after Portuguese explorer Ferdinan Magellan, the first person to sail around the world.

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Context of Paradise Lost by John Milton Essay

Poet and political activist John Milton after a period of radical political revolution, religious turmoil, and his near execution; published the twelve book edition of Paradise Lost, a poem describing the biblical text of Genesis filled with hidden political meaning. Paradise Lost enraged those who supported the restoration of Charles II, was praised by seekers of religious toleration, and attacked by the Anglican Church. Critics denounced Paradise Lost for its construction, subject, and political meaning. England in the seventeenth century was a land of political instability and religious persecution. Dissention among the British people began during the reign of the Stuart, Charles I (1629-1640). Charles I along with kings in France, Spain, and Germany created absolute monarchies (Cheyney 419). Charles I in 1629 dissolved Parliament, and ruled 11 years without Parliament. Charles I was a member of the Anglican Church, and didn’t sympathize with various sects of Christianity that were persecuted by Anglicans (Cheyney 419). These sects included Puritans, Quakers, Scottish Presbyterians, and Catholics. In response to Charles’ religious intoleration Scottish Presbyterians threatened the English border, Irish Catholics rebelled, and Oliver Cromwell’s Calvary attacked the Royalist army. Cromwell and the Scotch defeated the Royalists at Marstoon Moor on July 2, 1644 (Cheyney 434-444). Parliament took control of the new English Commonwealth in 1649, resulting in the beheading of Charles I (Halliday 118). The English Commonwealth however was short lived. In 1653 Oliver Cromwell, took control of the Commonwealth. Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament (Parliament that took over after Charles I), taxed Royalists, imprisoned mutineers, crushed Irish rebels, routed Scottish rebels at Dunbar and Worcester, secured colonies in the Caribbean such as Jamaica, and defeated the Dutch regaining British naval superiority (Halliday 120-122). Cromwell died in 1658 leaving the control of England to rival generals. During Cromwell’s military rule however, religious toleration was achieved. In 1660 the Stuart’s reign was restored, as Charles II assumed control (Cheyney 513). Milton during the time of revolution against Charles I was an independent. Independents were a political party formed during mid seventeenth century.  Independents were proponents of religious toleration and did not believe in rule under a state religion Anglican, Presbyterian, Episcopal, or Papist (Cheyney 448). Milton was proponent of religious toleration, an opponent of tyranny, and a believer in man’s free will. Milton disagreed with the Calvinist theory of Predestination and believed that man should be free to will and will the good (Faggen 269-270). Milton’s belief of free will also was apparent in his political views. Milton was a republican and believed in a republican government for England. During Cromwell’s reign, Milton served as his Latin Secretary, charged with translating diplomatic correspondence into Latin. In the years before the restoration of Charles II, Milton published a series of political pamphlets urging republicanism and refusing monarchial and despotic governments. These pamphlets included The Aeropagitica, Eikonoklastes, and The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (Faggen 270-271). Milton’s political and religious views are fused into the text of Paradise Lost. One interpretation of Paradise Lost explains the text as a dramatization of the balance between liberty and obedience. Milton demonstrates using the fall of man and the angels as examples of disrupting the balance between freedom and servitude. Satan is the tragic hero of the poem and is considered by many as an allegory for the English Monarch, the Papacy, or extreme individualism. Early in the poem Satan is a revolutionary hero rebelling against a brutal tyrant. Later in the poem, Satan himself becomes a charismatic tyrant (Faggen 279-280). Satan praises rebellion and complete sovereignty meanwhile undermining the idea of servitude. Satan states, †¦Here at least We shall be free: th’ Almighty hath not built Here for his envy, will not drive us hence: Here we may reign secure, and in my choice To reign is worth ambition though in Hell: Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav’n. (Book I: 258-263) Satan’s choice to rebel contradicts Calvin’s theory of Predestination. Milton’s exploration of original sin also transforms into an exploration of choice. God, according to Milton’s explanation has given free will to man and the angels (Faggen 281). God does punish the dissenting angels. God is portrayed as a monarch, so how could God create choice and freedom as a monarch? Milton has God explain, I formed them free, and free they must remain, Till they enthrall themselves: I else must change Their nature, and revoke the high Decree Unchangeable, Eternal, which ordained Their freedom; they themselves ordained their fall. (Book III: 124-128) Both Milton’s critics and Satan are troubled by the futility of a God’s rule over man and/or angels that are free to chose their own fate. Milton’s God explains in Book III that the abiding principle of his justice is freedom, and without freedom servitude would be meaningless. In other words, service to God is working for your own freedom. Milton explains also later in the poem, after the fall of the angels that God created the Earth and man to repopulate heaven. Man’s job was to serve God without ambition, to gain freedom in heaven (Faggen 281). Paradise Lost can also be examined with respect to the larger social context of Post Interregnum/Restoration England. Satan is combined extensively with anti-papist images, suggesting a strong anti-Catholic sentiment throughout the poem. Taking a Royalist position, Satan can also be considered as an allegory for Oliver Cromwell. Royalists supported both Charles’ and were  firm believers in the Divine Right of Monarchs. Royalists believed that God himself put leaders into power and that both Charles’ were Divinely guided. Only an act of Satan (Cromwell) would rebel against God. This battle between God (Charles’) and Satan (Cromwell) is similar to the rebellion in heaven (Achinstein 404). Milton however may have used this moderately obvious allegory to conceal a more meaningful sub-allegory. One interpretation suggests that Satan and the angels are a metaphor for Cromwell and the revolution. In Paradise Lost, Milton never assumes the presence of evil in the absence of good. Satan has rebelled against a tyrant, God who has total control over heaven. Satan rebels due to hatred of tyranny not hatred of God. Satan’s theoretical rebellion is justified according to Milton’s republican views. The actual act of the rebellion however, begins a war in heaven that is intensely violent. After gaining leadership in Hell, Satan himself becomes a tyrant, similar to Cromwell dissolving the Rump Parliament (Achinstein 405). Milton damn’s Satan’s tyranny not because it is Satan’s, because it is tyranny. Milton believes that tyranny over the individual conscience is the sin that Satan commits. Satan forces conformity and conformity is sin. Milton seems to suggest that the politics in England during Charles I reign was same as heavenly politics, and Cromwell’s reign is the same as Satan’s. He parallels man to the angel, in that Cromwell and the rebellion was rebelling for the right cause, however was not ready morally to deal with the power. Similar to Satan, Cromwell and the rebellion’s sin was ambition and tyranny over republicanism and self-government (Achinstein 405-407). Due to Milton’s involvement of Cromwell’s Regime (1653-1658), Milton’s books and political pamphlets were burned after the restoration of Charles II. Milton narrowly escaped death after being condemned in 1660 for â€Å"treasons and offenses† by the king (Achinstein 320). After the publication of the twelve-book edition of Paradise Lost in 1674, Milton again found himself in political trouble. Royalists attacked the poem for its hidden political meaning, and the Anglican Church attacked it for its religious brazenness. Milton had chosen a daring topic, and had taken enormous ideological liberties. Milton had not damned Satan as evil, and had called God a tyrant  (Achinstein 325). Assuming that Satan was an allegory for King Charles I, Royalists called for Milton’s execution. John Dryden, in The State of Innocence (1673-1674) rejects Milton’s adaptation due to â€Å"self stylized liberty.† However, Andrew Marvell, in a prefatory poem defended Milton’s Paradise Lost. Using rhyme, Marvell defended Milton’s choice to use blank verse instead of rhyme. Blank verse was associated with political allegory, synonymous with religious dissention. Marvell keeps the defense at a literary form, in an attempt to hide a hidden political meaning in Paradise Lost. Dryden also chastised Milton for using individual inspiration. Dryden says inspiration is represented by â€Å"prophetic utterances were dangerous misapplications of individual intention† (Achinstein 326). Marvell claims that the solution to Dryden’s problem with inspiration is up to the judgement of the reader. Marvell states that Milton may be â€Å"inspired† however the reader must judge if the â€Å"inspiration† is â€Å"false† (Achinstein 327). In Paradise Lost, John Milton parallels the Satan’s rebellion and fall from heaven with the period of revolution in England after the reign of Charles I. Using the biblical text of Genesis Milton explores republican ideals of conscience and self-government, the balance between servitude and freedom, and the problems of ambition and pride. Milton also analyzes what went wrong with the revolution lead by Oliver Cromwell in 1649.

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Chapter 9 Review Questions Essay

Chapter 9 Review Questions 1. What is magnetism? 2. Torque is ________. 3. A magnetic field is _________. 4. True or False: A permanent magnet is a piece of material that has been magnetized and can hold its magnetic strength for a reasonable length of time. 5. How is an electromagnet produced? 6. Which of the following produces the best electromagnet? 7. Unlike poles of a magnet _________each other and like poles_________ each other. 8. What part does polarity play in the operation of an electric motor? 9. What part of a motor produces an inductive magnetic field within itself to facilitate the rotating motion? 10. What part does the frequency of alternating current play in the operation of an electric motor? 11. What would be the speed of a two pole motor operating on a 120 Volts 60 Hz power supply? 12. What are the five types of single phase motors used in the industry? 13. Which of the following correctly lists the motor’s starting torque from lowest to highest? 14. Which of the following is a common use of a shaded-pole motor? 15. How does a shaded-pole motor operate? 16. How can a shaded-pole motor be reversed? 17. What determines the rotation of a shaded-pole motor? 18. Draw a diagram of a three-speed, shaded-pole motor. 19. What enables a split-phase motor to develop enough torque to begin rotation? 20. What removes the starting winding from the electrical circuit of an open type split phase motor once it reaches 75% of its operating speed? 21. What are the three probable areas of trouble in a split-phase motor? 22. What is the unit of measurement for the strength of a capacitor? 23. What is the purpose of a capacitor? 24. What is the difference between a running and a running and a starting capacitor? 25. List the five capacitor replacement rules. 26. Explain the operation of a permanent split-capacitor motor. 27. How are a PSC motor and a capacitor start capacitor-run motor similar? 28. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the following types of motors? 29. What are the similarities between an open-type split-phase motor and a capacitor-start motor? 30. Which of the following is an advantage in using a three-phase motor? 31. Draw a wiring diagram of a capacitor start-capacitor-run motor. 32. True or False: All starting apparatuses are mounted externally to the hermetic compressor shell. 33. What is the process in troubleshooting any electric motor? 34. Which of the following is the capacitance of an 88 uF and a 108 uF starting capacitor connected in series? 35. Which of the following is the capacitance of two 20 uF running capacitors connected in parallel? 36. If a capacitor produces 15A on a 240 volt supply, which of the following is its microfarad rating? 37. Which of the following capacitors could be used to replace a 35 uF, 370 running capacitor? 38. Which of the following capacitors could be used to replace a 188 uF, 250 V starting capacitor? 39. Which of the following capacitors or combination of capacitors could be used to re place a 45 uF, 370 V running capacitor? 40. Which of the following capacitors or combination of capacitors could be used to replace an 88 uF, 250 V starting capacitor? 41. Find the common, start, and run terminals of the following hermetic compressors. A. B. C. 42. Briefly explain the procedure for troubleshooting hermetic compressor motors. 43. What are the electrical failure categories for hermetic compressor motors? 44. What precautions should be taken when checking hermetic compressor motors? 45. What would be the highest allowable resistance reading for a grounded compressor motor? 46. What are the advantages of using an electronically commutated motor over a PSC motor? 47. Explain the construction of an ECM. 48. An ECM is a ______________. 49. True or False: The resistance readings of the windings of a properly operating ECM should be equal. 50. True or False: The line voltage power supply of an ECM should be disconnected or connected with the power on.